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Tips for Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware

Tips for Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware   Once upon a time, cast iron cooking pots and pans played an essential part in nearly everyone’s kitchens. But as we entered the age of the non-stick pan, cast iron sadly fell out of favour. It is, however, starting to […]

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How to Unblock a Toilet

How to Unblock a Toilet   Perhaps one of the most unpleasant cleaning tasks on the list is unblocking a toilet — but when it’s blocked, there’s nothing else you can do except clean it out! The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to […]

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Guide to cleaning your washing machine

Should You Clean Your Washing Machine?   Whether it’s written down on paper, or simply in our heads, we’ve all got our own personal cleaning schedule; but one vital task most of us forget to add to the list is cleaning the washing machine. The washing machine […]

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Eco cleaning

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Alternatives   During cleaning in the modern days we tend to use a large amount of petroleum products in our cleaning efforts, which have been known to trigger allergies in many people. A lot of the items we use to unclog drains happen to be […]

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Home cleaning tips

Making Short Work of Cleaning Home Appliances! Whether you’re a domestic homeowner, a landlord, or a tenant looking to get your place ship-shape before moving to pastures new, the prospect of cleaning appliances can be a daunting idea for even the hardiest dirt buster. For those with […]

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Bathroom cleaning – a method to the madness

Bathroom cleaning – a method to the madness     The bathroom is a place where a lot of cleaning goes on. Unfortunately, the amount of cleaning that you do in the bathroom leads to a lot more cleaning, OF the bathroom! The fact is, the soap […]

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Several tips for cheap and easy cleaning with vinegar

Several tips for cheap and easy cleaning with vinegar When the time comes to clean your apartment you usually have to buy lots of detergents for all the different areas that have to be cleaned – disinfecting detergent for the kitchen sink and the bath tub, detergent […]

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Southend domestic cleaning company

Southend Domestic cleaning company Domestic Cleaning In Southend on Sea   With today’s busy lifestyle, more people just don’t have enough time for the house work. More and more people in the Southend on Sea  area are discovering the benefits of using a domestic cleaning company.   […]

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Domestic cleaning for men

Domestic Cleaning for men I am not picking on men, I am one myself and I know what is like but domestic cleaning is really not something we worry about. In my younger days I shared a flat with a girl named Laura, we only met through […]

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Weekly house cleaning in Southend

Weekly house cleaning in Southend Is growing at an amazing rate and more and more people are now turning to local domestic cleaning companies to provide the domestic cleaning chores that they no longer have the time to do themselves. This can be because  of busy work […]

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